Tuesday, July 26, 2011

you call yourselves "Sports PT"??!!?!

well yesterday the long road of PT started, and boy was it a train wreck right out of the gate. i was referred to a place called "Sports PT" which has branches all over, including one just up the street from my office. this is how yesterday went:

8:30am: show up and check in. give my name and they don't have me down for an appointment

8:32am: woman tries to make up for not having my appointment down and gives me some paperwork that i'll need to fill out anyway. asks if i can come back at 1:30pm, apologizes again.

1:30pm: show up for round two. there were people everywhere. people being worked on, people doing their own exercises, people waiting, people coming, people going... it was kind of a mad house.

1:35pm: introduced to my therapist, who sits down with me and gets my back story. i start at the beginning - from my herniated disc 3 years ago to my more recent injuries. i mention that i'm training for the NYC marathon, but that overall i haven't yet really upped my number of miles since training just started. i also mentioned that i worked out over the weekend and my hamstring didn't feel too bad, but that now my calf is really tight.

1:45pm: he interjects, "now, how long is the marathon?" at which point i should have just gotten up and ran out the door.

1:50pm: he looks over my chart, and my prescription, and mentions that since the prescription is only for my hamstring, that's all he'll even look at/work on.

1:50:05pm: i had made up my mind that i was never setting foot back in that place.

the rest of the appointment wasn't awful - he did ok work on my hamstring, but i wasn't blown away. AND it ends up that while they do "take my insurance" i still have a rather hefty co-pay, so it's definitely NOT worth it.

tomorrow is PT take 2. i'm going to a real physical therapist, one who has a great track record and is an overall great guy too. michael conlon of finish line physical therapy not only knows what he's talking about, but is an experienced ironman and marathoner himself, so will not only get me better but will help get me to race day!

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  1. "How long is the marathon?" Ridiculous. Good decision not to go back!