Wednesday, July 20, 2011


so i've been off the grid for the last week - in not-super-sunny-because-it's-rainy-season Costa Rica. it was gorgeous, even when raining. it was like i didn't mind that it was raining on me, it made the surroundings greener, and more peaceful. i couldn't complain one bit. and the sun did shine, it just came in small doses - enough to give me a nice glow.

i surfed, relaxed, ate amazing food, soaked in hot springs, went white-water rafting, made new friends, and enjoyed the entire trip. at the end of many vacations, i'm usually ready to go home - ready for the big city once again, and to sleep in my bed and get back to a routine. not so much this time. there was so much i didn't have time to see, so much to explore, so many waves still left to surf! but alas, i'm back.

the vacation was great, and greatly timed. i've been mentioning my pesky right hamstring and before going away i got the coach's advice to stay off it and let it rest for the week. so i didn't have to pack my running clothes (although i did want to!) and i was ok with taking a step back from training - even though it just started!!

well, now i'm back and unfortunately still feeling the same tension in my right hammy. was able to get in to see doc bartoli this morning ("can you be here in 10 minutes?" i sure can be! - usually takes days if not weeks to get into see doc) and it's strained and i need to take it easy. no hills, no speed work, just easy running as long as i don't feel pain. crossfit very modified to not bother the hammy. and lastly, swimming. i think i'm going to bite the bullet and head to the red hook pool tomorrow morning. and physical therapy (pt) - how i have a love/hate relationship with you! it's time consuming, and sometimes painful and sometimes annoying, but will hopefully get this hammy back on track, literally!

today marks week 3, day 3 and i'm feeling very behind. i know there's nothing i can do about the hammy, but listen to my coach and doc and my body and cross my fingers a little that i'll still have enough time to prepare for eleven six eleven.

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  1. Yes, I came home and read your blog :) Sounds like great advice from coach & doc!