Wednesday, November 2, 2011

let's do this

so i'm the worst blogger ever. let's face it - i can post on facebook daily, blog for work, and even tweet when necessary. but when it comes to my - i'm a mess. a few posts at best.

but i guess this journey hasn't been about blogging. it's been about running. and run i've done!

i've overcome some injuries, some internal "oh-shit-i-don't-think-i-can-do-this" demons and here i now sit, less than 4 days until the big day. and i haven't burst into flames. so i guess i'm ready??

in terms of the gear - check. i know what i'm wearing. in terms of the training - check. it started off rough but i made it through and will no doubt make it through 26.2 miles on sunday. it might not be pretty, but i'm determined to make it through. in terms of inspiration - double check. i'm not lacking in that department at all.

have i even mentioned why i'm running? yes, marathon, bucket list - and all that jazz. but i'm running more so for my dad, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, and this marks his 10th year fighting. and i'm running for all of our TEAM FOX runners, and members, and those with Parkinson's who they support. i'm privileged not only to be a TEAM FOX member, but i also get to work with our members daily, working for The Michael J. Fox Foundation. our members remind me daily that they can overcome obstacles, and so can i. 26.2 will be nothing at the end of the day when i compare my aches and pains to someone who's battling PD.

there's this great quote that i'm always drawn to - "tough times don't last, tough people do" (gregory peck). this marathon won't last more than a few hours, and my sore muscles will last a few days, but the fight to end Parkinson's won't end in just a few days. we're going to need to be tough, and experience pain, but we will keep fighting. and we will find a cure.

to see more on my TEAM FOX efforts, check out my fundraising page. i'll be out there on sunday giving it my all, and i can't wait to see my family who will be at mile 23. i'm going to be tired, and probably cranky, but i know they will give me the boost i need to finish with a smile.

also, here's a fun interview that my friend and colleague kristina did the other day. enjoy.