Thursday, July 7, 2011

first days of training

i really want to keep track of all my training so i can look back in four months and go "wow, i'm such an amazing runner now - i can't believe how hard it felt back in july" or something to that effect...riiight.

anywho - tuesday july 5 kicked off my training. i'm using a program designed by an amazing marathon coach, michael conlon, with some modifications so that i can continue to do my beloved crossfit. tuesday consisted of:

1.5 mile warm up to red hook park.
6x400m sprints with 400m recovery after each
1 mile cool down run home

total of 4 miles running w/ 1.5 miles of recovery

my right hamstring, which i'm sure i'll talk about a lot, really started bothering me not so much during the 400m sprints, but during the recovery. i'm taking as much care of it as possible and hopefully it doesn't become a bigger problem.

side note on red hook: the park there is really nice (shown below) with sports fields, a really nice track, and a community pool that has free lap swim! the downside...while running there as a warm up is a good use of time, it's really smelly! the summer months are going to rough, running through streets that stink like garbage. the trade offs of living in nyc....

wednesday july 6: crossfit! my schedule had me working on "lower body strength" - so bring on the front squats! kept it light because i'm still coming off of a back injury (if it isn't one thing it's another...) and then did a short WOD (workout of the day) with double unders (jumping rope w/ the rope passing through twice on every hop) and pull ups. since i've been out of the gym for a while, it felt good to move again!

today: i have an easy 6 mile run lined up, and it looks like the sun is coming out after a brief downpour! hopefully it has cooled off a bit and the weather will be nice this evening for a run in prospect park.


  1. I love that you've modified your training to include crossfit. Looking forward to following your training journey! And maybe a run while I'm visiting? That is, if the heat & humidity I'm no longer used to don't kick my butt :)

  2. i would love to go running with you when you visit! and the heat and humidity kick my butt - and i don't have any excuse!