Thursday, July 7, 2011

when six became three

last night was supposed to be 5-6 miles, easy. i took off with a six mile loop in mind, heading up to prospect park from my apartment. i quickly realized that i was not feeling great and i ran just over 3 of those six miles. i think there were a few factors that contributed to my crappy run:
  1. my hamstring. it's definitely not a new problem, but it's creeping back and i need to start getting it worked on again. i wasn't anticipating that it would give me problems a) this early on and b) this badly.
  2. food! i don't think i ate enough yesterday, and with the heat i just don't think i was nutritionally prepared. note taken.
  3. sleep! i was also really, really tired. i hadn't gotten a good amount of sleep wednesday night so i was really tired from the get-go.
blah, blah - i don't want to make excuses, and i know there will be great running days and shitty running days. i want to use this as a learning experience for my runs to come. the hamstring i'll need to work with, but i can alter my nutrition and sleep (and i know from past games/races/workouts how much it can affect performance).

today's a new day - and thankfully a rest day!

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