Tuesday, August 2, 2011

michael conlon: physical therapy god

after running away from "sports" pt last week - i ran right into the arms of michael conlon at finish line physical therapy. now when you hear "finish line" you should automatically think of a race, and getting to the finish. well, lets just say that is the right name for his practice. he is devoted to getting athletes back on their feet, and really assessing what the issues is.

other guy: "your prescription is for your hamstring, so i'm going to work on that."

michael: "your right hip is all locked up, lets work on hip mobility and hamstring flexibility." (ok, so that was paraphrased - but you get the idea)

two sessions in and i am feeling better (definitely not 100% just yet) but i'm on the road to recovery. he still thinks i have plenty of time to get my training in before november 6, which made me feel a lot better.

tonight: 30 minute run, not worrying about speed or distance. will report back!

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