Monday, September 12, 2011

where to begin... running update!

i'm probably the world's worst blogger - and i'm ok with that. i'm just going to try to update as much as possible now that we are less than 2 MONTHS away from race day! holy crap is all i can really think at this point.

the runs have gotten longer, and last weekend's outing left me feeling very discouraged and nervous. i went out to run 10 miles and after 8.5 with multiple stops, i couldn't go any further. i know that there will always be good and bad running days, but i am already behind in my mileage and this was a big blow to my running confidence. after kind words from great running friends, i realized that i just needed to move on and not worry about it. well, that i did.

this weekend, up in old orchard beach, maine for the new england parkinson's ride (more on that later, i promise), i set out on a 12 mile run sunday morning. i'm almost positive that the energy from the amazing event is what helped me through (along with a fairly flat route, cooler temps and a clear mind) and pushed me to even get 13.5 miles (that and i miscalculated the mileage!).

my hamstring is feeling great but my hip/hip flexor aren't too happy today. i was lucky enough to have the entire ocean as my ice bath (see below) and was able to enjoy a great meal (named "the big breakfast") after my run before having to leave to come back to ny.

definitely feeling more positive!


  1. Glad you're feeling better! Bad days will happen, but focus on the good ones. Can't wait to hear about how awesome you feel on 11.6.11!

  2. Yay for mental toughness!!

    I'm going to put in a plug for self-care the next 2 months. I know you are going to PT, but maybe also commit to a weekly or bi-weekly visit to Fishion. I'd imagine your hip could get really knotted up the more miles you put in. I'm going to see a massage/acupuncture/sports medicine person today that I am hoping will change my life!